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Alpha Kinetic is a movement to recognize family, friends, businesses, and our community at large. The people we celebrate here enrich humanity with their dedication in culinary, art, music, hospitality, and beyond.

Inspiration is kinetic and comes from sharing and receiving energy from our community. We are moved by their love, purpose, and hope.

Thank you for Moving Humanity,

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en rama

1102 A St Suite 220,

Tacoma, WA 98402


Balance. It seems that everything at your spot revolves around this one word. Let’s start with the physical space. The grit of the converted post office building balanced by the elegance of your dining room. The richness of the food balanced by the impossible lightness of each bite. The drinks are wildly adventurous yet balanced in a way that evokes a six-part harmony gospel song. Hallelujah!

What really got us, though is the the wondrous ways of your staff. The food is world class and the drinks are as well. The magic is in the way that your staff makes all of this accessible to every guest with zero pretentiousness. The entire En Rama team motivates us to do the same with our vehicles. Take a look and see for yourself.




202 1/2 Red River Rd

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1A4, Canada

Dear Steve,

We set out on a road trip from Victoria to Montreal. On trips like this we ask our friends who live in major cities for their recommendations and meticulously map out hot spots for food and drinks.

So, there we were in Thunder Bay. We had just arrived to our hotel after 8 hours on the road that day. We combed through just a few spots online and landed on Tomlin. Steve, your spot woke us up, it inspired us and it made the grit of the road trip wash right off of us. Everybody at Tomlin was so kind and informed. The food was amazing (hello, fried green tomato!) and vibe was just right. Lots of love to Leighton who took great care of us! We can’t wait to come back to Thunder Bay.




3206 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90026

Dear Nicely,

We don’t know how you do it. Your ability to serve the amount of people that do everyday while personally connecting with every single one is astounding to us. The combination of your technical skill and effortless conversation that leaves people feeling close is so rare.

We have always preferred a party cafe to an uptight library vibe. You and your team at Dayglow definitely set the tone for the rest of the day. Thank you for all of the great smiles and beautiful lattes over the years. We are looking forward to the day when we can host you in one of our stores. Take a look at what we are building and keep in touch!




159 Central Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11221

Dear Chef Ella,

You have won us over and stolen a piece of our heart. Years ago, we took a chance on a Maps recommendation while in your neighborhood for work. We took the mile long walk from where we were staying to your spot. There it was. Maite. Your building on the corner that used to be a bodega is so charming, inviting and full of warmth. Your crew is knowledgeable and caring. The drinks are perfectly balanced and THE FOOD… well, the only way that we can articulate it is that the food transports you far away from the city while feeling like home at the same time.

Most of all, we love that Colombian Soccer Federation hat with the coffee cherry print. You rock it well, Chef Ella. Please, keep going!